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Thank you for participants at MobileSummer School 2014.

We will have a gap year 2015.

In the MobileSummer school you realize the real potentiality of mLearning. You will experience how working outside traditional classrooms free creativity and how new forms of expressions are developed. Mobility brings out cooperation, producing, easy sharing, multimedia and fun in working.

MobileSummer school is learning and networking; testing, doing and sharing. We use experts and specialist of mobile learning. It's also learning together and helping each others; including social activities.

Come, experience and create together with others a unique MobileSummer school event. More information in this presentation

Costs: 2 days/195 Eur + accommodation; 1 day/120 Eur


Additional information:

Johanna Salmia, +358 50 574 9555, email

Facebook: Mobiilikesakoulu

Twitter: @mkesakoulu

MobileSummer school general presentation